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Online Tenant Application

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Please fill out this application completely so that we can process it in a timely manner.  All information requested is required for approval.  If a question is not applicable to you, please note it as such. 

Photo Identification for each adult applicant and Proof of Income of each applicant responsible for household expenses are required to process this application.  Those documents may be emailed to or mailed to PO Box 850, Cochranton, PA 16314 or sent by text to 814-425-7597

1. List Address of Residence Applying for (if known)

2. Name and Date of Birth

Present Employers (Please list for all applicants responsible for household expenses)

Current Income (Please describe source of income, amount and how often it is received)

4. Credit References (please list for all applicants responsbile for household expenses)

5. Personal References (at least 3)

6. Applicant Email Address

7. Current Phone Number(s)

8. Current Address

9. Current Housing Situation

10. Current Housing Situation

11. If you have been at your current address LESS THAN 5 YEARS, please list the information for the 3 residences prior to your current one

12. Is any person listed on this application currently on Parole or Probation in this state or any state

13. Parole/Probation Officer Name and Phone Number

14. Offense Convicted of

15. Date of Conviction

16. Dates of Incarceration (if applicable)

17. Is any person listed on this application currently required to register with Megan's Law or any other law enforcement Date Base? If Yes Explain Below

18. Is there anything else in the background of any person listed on this application that Park Management should be aware of that may come up in a background check?

Click here to indicate that you have read and agree to the following: I/We hereby certify that any and all information provided on this application is true and honest to the best of my/our knowledge. Providing false information of any kind on this application will result in rejection of the application. I/We also consent for any and all of the information provided to be verified by the landlord and I/We give my permission for those lised on this form to release any and all information available to the landlord.

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